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You HAVE to remember this "act".
Berkman's up, and of course now I forget who was pitching, but anyway there was a high fastball up around his ears.
Berkman tries to duck, and the ball whistles past his head and hits his bat.
Legs all jelly with fear, he collapses and the ump thinks the ball hit him in the head.
He curled up like a little baby - even Dusty walked out looking all concerned.
They gave him first base, and he happily took it, even though it WAS A STRIKE!

I've got no problem with fringe baseball.
A little spit or pinetar, a stolen sign, or even maybe the bullpen mound being a little higher than the real mound (like it used to be at the Astrodome) so the pitcher thinks maybe he's got something he really hasn't - I like all that stuff.
But to fake a head injury is out of bounds.
It's not cool.
If I was his teammate, I woulda slapped him across the chops for embarassing the men.